People Always Leave


Keyboard’s in english so I’ll have to write in english.

Got the lab results today. It’s normal. Relieved. Anyways I wouldn’t have taken the pills. No way.

S7 E15. Oh my god Sheldon kissed Amy the most romantic way ever possible ! Jeez I think I fell for him ! Then I couldn’t wait and I spoilt myself their sex scene in S9 on Youtube. Haha ! Now I can’t wait to get there.

About Thomas, I had a lil' thought about it and I think I’ll just have to keep it the way it is. I mean if eventually we’re meant to get together, then we’ll do. But I don’t want to complicate things in my already messed up head right now. I take what he gives me, I take the advantage but I’m not gonna keep wondering "what if ?". Also I don’t want to be the one begging. If he sees me like a match, he’ll make a move. We’re the same he and I, we don’t like to get pushed around. And we’re pretty sure of what we want.