People Always Leave


Today, it’s 22:33pm. Can’t sleep. I’m thinking about Maud, how empty, how quiet it was tonight. The German girl was on her phone all night. She looks one of those girl, superficial and materialistic. Sad. Disappointing actually. Maud was the perfect one. I watched X Factor on TV and texted her but got no answer. I felt alone the second she left.

I called my parents earlier. It’s petanque competition day back home. Doesn’t help to feel better.

On Friday when we got near Brisbane with Shane, it hit me how awful the city is. I mean the suburb or the surrounding. How not nice it is. The big freeway, concrete buildings everywhere, a million of cars. Disgusting. I miss my two-hundred-people hometown. So much. Can’t wait to go home.

An other plane crash in Iran. After the vanished one in the Indian ocean, the shot one in Ukraine, the crashed ones in Africa, Brisbane and Toowoomba, it’s getting really scary to get on a plane these days…